Is Rex from Victorious real? – Fun Ways To Teach Books Of The Bible

Yes! He is a really good player. He will be a great player if he plays well, and this tournament is the best chance to see what he can do. If he doesn’t play, it’s very difficult to say that he won’t be a good player.

The first and most obvious thing that stands out for me is that Rex played very aggressive in the first game. He tried a few builds in the early game, but he ended up losing to Jaedong. That’s because Jaedong played the long game, he used all his skills against Rex’ builds.
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His first mistake was when he decided to go for a standard roach/stalk/ling build. He missed the lings. That’s a mistake that all players make when they start playing against players like Jaedong. That’s why he lost the first game.

He also messed up his third. While it looked like he managed to beat Jaedong’s all-in builds, he decided to do a roach infestor/infestor/brood lord + speed upgrade build instead. Rex did well in the third, but he lost the game. That’s because Jaedong’s all-in is very efficient in the late game. When he uses infestors and speed, he has to be extremely careful about what his opponent does; if he overextends, he will lose a lot of drones. If Jaedong makes infestors with his infested terrans at this stage of the game, he has many options. He can build a roach warren behind it, or he can go for infestors later. The question now is, who will take advantage of such a strong midgame force?

In the semifinals, Jaedong played Jaedong. The Korean Zerg’s opening was very different from Rex’s. Jaedong started with a roach/hydra/hydra infested terrans-all-in. It seemed like Jaedong had a chance in the third, so Rex decided to go for mutalisks, but Jaedong managed to play a few good roaches. In the third game, Jaedong decided to go all-in. He kept the same strategy as in the first game, but he opened with mutalisks. It’s clear that I am not underestimating Jaedong, although he seems to have a better chance against this Protoss player.

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