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I didn’t think so. It’s good news that, once again, the people make the decisions.

The two-decks of decks from the Grand Prix were both pretty crazy. I won the first by a nose, but then saw an undefeated Esper Reanimator deck put in a respectable performance with a decklist that featured the two-bases. I did have some fun with the Jeskai Ascendancy I’ve been working on over the last month, but didn’t even run it in the semi-finals by the end of the day.

I lost in the finals and I knew I had a problem: I’m a new player and my deck is based on a bunch of cards that do nothing (at all), so the newness was wearing off. But even then, I still got an amazing game of Commander against the other players. I’ll be playing it again at StarCity with an improved decklist later tonight.

My last game, I played a second-turn Thoughtseize to keep one of my opponents from playing a creature. But in those games you need a bit of luck to turn a bad draw into a good draw. In this case, my opponent had four creatures, but I had nothing else on the board.

I kept a turn 1 Thoughtseize. I’d been a little worried about his hand, as it was mostly lands and a Thopter Foundry. I was in a great spot to go for a one-mana spell like that if I was ahead, but it was more of a gamble that I would win the race.

Fortunately, I got ahead and was able to cast my Dispersal Aura on the second turn, then I took three quick hits from his two-bases and was ready to win. I was down by three, but my opponent hadn’t drawn anything in over a minute and could still win.

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And he did.

He didn’t draw any red. There was a land, and he had a land but didn’t draw a second, and I didn’t want to play a creature so early. I thought that maybe he should have cast a basic green creature, and I thought about an Abrupt Decay that he could have played. I got another one wrong, though. I played an Ensnaring Bridge. He cast a Blood Crypt, then a Time Walk to kill me.

My mistake: I let him kill me. If I’d played a one-mana card while I

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