Is Rex from Victorious real? – Learn Ventriloquism Part 2 Youtube

Or is he a clone from Victorious? Well, it’s easy to tell with the look on his face…

What do you guys think? Is it him, a clone, or is it the future? Sound off in the comments!

I like to think of my blog as a “proper” blog and as such I do not post to Google+ or other personal sites – I post directly to my Facebook page/website. Unfortunately this has lead to a lot of comments, all of which are either offensive or not funny – and sometimes both.

In such situations I will either post on my own Facebook page or on the blog, then I will reply to whatever others in the same position are posting. I am also keen to promote my own posts to other members of the community so I have decided to post to either Facebook or the blog rather than in Google+. The reason for this is both because posts on Google+ can get blocked quickly and because I find this is a safer space, although it does mean that I do not comment every time an offensive comment is made via Facebook as in the past.
The Fastest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts - YouTube
So what is I writing here, you ask?
Over Christmas my wife and I went to the supermarket to buy a Christmas toy for two of our children. I bought a toy called a “magnified magnifying glass” and my wife bought a “magnifying glass and bottle of water” (it’s a little odd, isn’t it?). I am not sure why I decided to buy them, just that my two children loved them. We did not find out until the following day that I had broken the glass and was sent home for 12 hour’s care. The next day I did see a TV news reporter talk about the problem and the following morning my little children looked at me as if I were insane. 
To make matters worse my wife had to go back to work as her boss, who has made a career of bashing men and women, came calling to say that I had no choice, as I’d broken a glass on the way in to work and had to be put home. When she went to the chemist she was put upon by their advice and they took a big swing with her. I was very angry about this point and went into one of my trademark “angry rant”, which we all do when we are angry, about how it is an absolute disgrace what I had been put through to buy a “magnified magnifying glass” when there were “no glasses

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