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The UK has long been a hub for research in the fields of genetics, medicine, microbiology and even space travel, to name a few. That all changed this week when two scientists who work in this field were awarded a Nobel prize in physics, and were honoured in the name of peace and understanding.

“We see this as a celebration, not just of the scientist, but of the whole community, and what they do is very, very important as a whole. We don’t want this to be a celebration of a single person or even a single paper,” says Dr. Richard Dawkins, director of the Centre for the Study of Science and the author of several best-selling books about science.

The prize is in recognition for research in genetics, and will be announced at a ceremony in Oslo on Thursday. This is the first Nobel ever, and the highest award ever to be awarded to a scientist for their contributions to science.

“I don’t know if more than one person could claim to have done more, but the scientists of history have been given more,” says Dawkins after the news is announced. “No other scientist has ever done to a greater degree.”

Dawkins and his fellow “Nobel laureate” colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley were recognised for their “commitment to addressing pressing global problems, often as part of collaborative, interdisciplinary collaborations.”

Dawkins has long been a vocal advocate for science, and in 2003 he was awarded the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine, partly in his name for his “dedication to the study of physical phenomena, and in particular to research into the mechanisms of living things.” Dawkins said that he didn’t have any problems with the idea that he deserved the prize, saying “I’m always a little bitter when I hear people say I didn’t deserve the prize, which is true, but it was the time when I was working on a problem from one of those great scientific revolutions and people were saying ‘oh no, we’re not sure how the human body does stuff.'”

He later went on to say that he felt “an overwhelming sense of satisfaction” while discussing the award, adding that he hoped the award did more for the community that the prize itself had created.

Dawkins has also been a notable advocate for climate change.

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