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What should I do? How can I help my voice sound better than people?” I told them all this in an effort to give them the best answer for what they thought their problem was. Unfortunately some of them just went on to say “Well I’m a big fan of my voice. It’s perfect for my voice, but I don’t care about the other guy’s voice. I’d be so great if he wasn’t so big, if you were just like the other guy. If you were just a little bit more gentle, not so hard, not so sharp, not so harsh, right?”
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I knew this would happen, but I didn’t say something like “Hey, let’s just talk about how we’re both here to do the same thing with the same voice! Do you think that would be a better answer?” I was in denial. “Well, it’s probably the best answer you’ve got, but what’s it gonna take to make you change your mind?”

Eventually I said “Fine, but in return we have to try to figure out what exactly our problem is. We have to know why we do what we do, if we’re just trying to impress people, if our vocal chords are the same, if the thing that pisses us off is just like everything else. What is this thing you just said?”

“Oh yeah! I just wanted to say that I can’t help it that my voice is big. I’ve always loved that it’s just so large, and I’m so glad it’s great for me. I love that it makes me sound big. It’s just really weird that I’d get so upset about that, and then I’d get even more upset about the fact that others don’t get the big voice. I don’t feel bad about it at all. That’s why I said “Just to be perfectly honest. Your voice is a problem. You know what that is.”

I was so angry at him for not listening to what I thought I know, but I was in denial and I realized he was talking straight out of his ass. I was sure his answer was the best, but I was wrong.

People can be pretty fucked up about their voices. And even if you just think it’s weird, or something that makes you sound off, like what I’ve noticed is that men are more likely to be upset about being called feminine, like a voice, the idea of feeling like they’re small, or that they are

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