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There might be something to that, but it’s probably no more than a joke (or an expression of disdain), since I don’t really know much about the subject or the process. But if you think I’m not serious about that, then just don’t bother to ask the question.



I know what they’re looking for on the surface.

That’s a good thing.

Why is voice acting important?

Voice actors are not like actors in other fields, like actors in film or TV. As a voice actor, you are the producer, and the voice writer is the director. What you write is not the story, but the vision of that script. You are the producer. If the director doesn’t get the story right, the character and plot are ruined. And that’s how voice actors work too. You can’t tell where or when the movie is going to be filmed, and if you can’t keep up with the script, there’s no point in having a character. And that is a very real thing for voice actors. If you don’t take a script seriously, it’s not going to work, and the actors aren’t going to work.

How does a character’s voice come about? Is it done with a talent or a voice sample, like in a movie? (Also, are your lines in your character’s original voice or someone else’s, like in a video game?)


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Are there voices for every character in the game, just like there are voice samples for every character in movie voice acting?

Yes, there are. They’re all very different.

Are there any people who are famous for their voice acting?

No. I didn’t know that.

How does that happen? Do they have an agent, or do they just do it on their own?

Usually it happens the same way as working as a film actor. You find a group of people who want to work together. If it’s a huge studio like Warner Brothers, then there is the casting director, or the casting director and casting director in the company. I was in a group at Electronic Arts called the Voice Academy. They have all the major actors in voice acting, and for many of them the agency/director has been helping them find their voices — for example, I got the first name for my character from an agent and a script I wrote. They let me be a part

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