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I feel I always have. I just had a really great experience last night and I said, “This is amazing.” There was no music or nothing, there was the entire cast and I was the only performer. It feels like you’re just standing there and hearing what happened, and I felt that and I enjoyed it.

You’ve worked with Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons.

[Laughs] They’ve been good to me, too.

You’ve done a lot more work with actors in your career. What are some of your favorite roles?

I’m a writer, I’ve done a lot of theatre, a lot of movie. I love reading scripts, I love taking the characters out and watching the actors take the roles. My favorite is when you see these two- and three-hour-long parts, and I’m watching the actors play these parts and watching them play these characters. That’s probably my favorite part in some ways.

You’ve appeared in this season of “Nashville.” Were you looking forward to that?

Yeah, because, for me, the main thing is working with such a great cast, and to share the screen with these people and seeing how they react to my choices. I felt the same way there. When we first meet them — you’re watching the first shot, you see them on the set, and then [their] character is in the movie, and their character is in the movie, and the movie’s in the theater, and you hear their reactions to what I do within a minute. They’re not happy with anything I’m doing, but they’re still friends with each other.

Do you have a favourite moment that you had to do?

I just have these moments where it’s like I’m in their clothes, they’re in my clothes, we’re all together. It’s just great to do that because the only thing that really separates the characters is what I do. You’re watching the characters interact, and then after that you’re seeing what they have to do to change their clothes. I could be reading them with my character looking at their reflection, and they’re just looking at me. It’s this little thing where we’re all playing these parts, and then you finally get to that moment where it’s just them standing there and they look at each other. They just look at you with eyes saying, “Does it look like we have any idea where we are?”

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