What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? – How To Sing Ventriloquist

The one on the right is “Big Bird.”

I mean, he’s huge!

I think the other one is called Mr. Potato Head. He lives at McDonald’s and I think in his day—I can’t remember exactly—but he was very successful as a McDonald’s puppet.

And you think he’s still in there?

He’s still at McDonald’s.

So we’re just on the verge of having a new Big Bird show, but a new Mr. Potato Head’s show.


“Mr. Potato Head’s Restaurant” will be something that will be new and different but not something that will be “a big thing.”

How many of these people are puppets?

Well…we’ll have to have a talk.

Why doesn’t Mr. Potato Head appear in your show at all like he would have in the past?

Because he can’t do it!

What is the difference between Mr. Potato Head and another character, like Mr. T or Mr. Munchmunch, that you can play? Is Mr. T like him, is Mr. T a kid?

Not quite the same. Mr. T is…I can’t really talk about Mr. T as a character. He is just a child.

But with Mr. T, he’s Mr. T because he is Mr. T and he’s a child. But Mr. Potato Head doesn’t like kids. He has a baby.

But you have to make that kid feel like they’re something. And how do you do that?

You have to make him feel like an animal, not just a living piece of matter, that he’s inside of me but that he’s also in me and that that’s what I want. Or you have to make them feel like something like a thing that’s inside of me. It’s a little more complex. But the main difference is…it’s more of a living thing than it is an egg! It’s an animal!

So we’ll go more into the difference between this new character and Mr. T.


Is this show just an imitation of your past show?

It’s a very good imitation. It’s actually very…well, not an imitation of ours…

So what do you think about being like “Mr. Bean”? Do you think that it will actually help the show

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