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“Molly” is the black, orange, green or yellow puppet.

And “Rita,” the black puppet. It’s her husband.

Jeff Dunham is the original black puppet. He first took on the character for his children’s birthday party. His children have always loved him so much. He doesn’t care if his characters hate him. He’s more than happy to stick up for them.
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What are the names of the puppets, Jeff Dunham’s puppets?

One is named “Molly.” It’s the black puppet. Another is named “Rita.” It’s his wife. Then there’s “Joe Bob,” a bald, blue, yellow puppet. It’s his brother in law. And then there’s “Molly”, which is his father.

What are Jeff Dunham’s puppets named for?

Jeff Dunham’s characters all have one thing in common. They’re always going to have a wife and a family named after them. And each is about 40 feet long. That’s a lot.

Do they live with her?

Yes. All but one live with her at Mitzi’s on the Square in Brooklyn.

This piece has been a great help in finding my puppets. I love it. Thank you.

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