What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds Releasing Last Week


When will he appear in the show? [2]

If his puppets were ever mentioned in any of the books, who would they be and what did they do?

What is the deal with Jorg? [2]

Will there be a “Jorg Day” at San Diego Comic-Con on March 13-14?

How does a D’hoon (or Mogg) work? [2]

What is the difference between a “Cauldron” and a “Cauldron”? [2]

“Jorg and Jann” will have a cameo in “Buffy,” do you have a sense of what you’re getting into?

“Jorg and Jann” will be referenced by the characters in the “Buffy” novels “The End” [8] [3] and “Fooled Again” [8].

Will there be other actors who aren’t recurring, besides Jeff Dunham?

Will there be a “Jorg Day” at Comic-Con on March 4-5?

Can you give us any insight into who else we might encounter?

We’re always surprised at these questions about the D’hoon, and there have been so many fans of the show, I guess that’s the name for it… Jorg is the name of the D’hoon that has a connection with the show. The way it worked out, and in the show is that the D’hoon that has the connection with the show is Jorne. It’s a character I played in some comic books, and I play those roles for a living. He’s my little brother, you know? I’m always amazed that we get asked this question. It’s a very personal thing, and it’s always interesting to me when people actually get to go to the show and see the show. It makes me happy that I get asked it, because I get to spend part of my life on this show. It’s quite a unique experience.

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