What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? – Rock N Learn Books Online

Well, there isn’t really one. There’s just the guy. The guy is Jeff Dunham, so he’s always got some big-ass black suit on, so we just call him “Big Poopy Face”. The puppet is always a person, so as soon as he turns on his voice recorder, he turns into a human. Just this past week, we had a puppet come in and blow his nose up with his mouth open; somebody brought a live pigeon; there was a clown. As soon as he turns on his voice recorder, you get all your actors in a room and you do it over and over.

He can’t do those kind of stuff any more!

Yeah, and we’ve done that on shows before, too – like this show.

Has there been any attempt at a film of this? Any plans?

We’ve done that with a puppet that looks something like Mike Myers and it’s got a bad habit. We put him in an old mansion and he’s just an old, decrepit old man who’ll put the puppet on TV, and it’s a little rough around the edges. But he can play those other characters as well.

What about Jeff Dunham’s voice? Is that all him, or do we have any other people on the show to do him more convincingly?

It doesn’t do him any justice, but yeah, that was just a guy. It’s all Jeff. He’s more like someone that has really good ideas and is good at coming up with them. We had some people who were very good on that show, but we just had a hard time using them because they were such good actors and we just made them all seem kind of the same. We went back to our puppet, but it was kind of odd to have him as much of a “human” as he is. He makes sounds just like a man and I love that – it just makes things a little different.

What about the costumes? Do they look like “Fargo” costumes? What about the suits?

I mean, you do a costume and then the suit just kind of makes it up. I would make those decisions and then I’d get a costume designer who would give me instructions on how things worked. And then I’d go in and do my thing, and we wouldn’t be so careful to make it look exactly like a “Fargo” costume. They were just as different as we could make them,

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