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The FBI in a series of recent raids on various political movements has come across a number of anarchist, anti-state, anti-fascist and environmental activists, and has taken notice. They are concerned that several of these activist are radicalized and some turn their attention to violent activity. In a nutshell, “criminal activity, violence, and an ideological perspective. It is not unusual for some individuals working with anarchist and anti-globalization movements to become more radicalized and radical themselves, and to turn to violent and anti-social behavior.” In essence, this means that they are becoming part of the problem.

An example, in 2012, a group of anarchists took over the Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and began taking hostages. The FBI started questioning the group but eventually closed down their investigation. That investigation, in turn, may lead to new charges being brought against them at trial. However, no charges were filed at that time. The FBI is now going after another group of militants who are trying to build a new anarchist/anti-capitalist coalition after years of fighting police, the federal government, and the state of Oregon.
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In March of this year, a group of activists from California was on a small boat fishing off the coast of Maine when a large sailboat approached, trying to tow them away. The group managed to pull their sailboat away from the larger boat but not before being approached by the activists who attempted to pull them into the water.

At the same time, FBI agents also raided a home in California that was hosting a number of anarchist/anti-statist activists. This group, which was not part of any group and was not involved with any other anti-statist organizing or actions in any way, is being blamed in some online sites for a number of activities including property damage and assaults. They are being accused of taking part in a shooting in May of this year, which is not true since it was reported that the shots were at the wrong house, but the people involved were part of a larger group.

While there has been no specific

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