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A dummy doll is a toy that is supposed to look and feel like the real thing. However, they can’t really move or walk away from anything or interact with living people, so the person playing with them will most likely be very sick. There are also plenty of medical problems they can have – for instance, people will take these things seriously enough to pay a lot of money for their care.

What kind of problems does a dummy doll have ?

You never know what a sick child will do to one – you might get a few bruises, a few cuts, a few small falls. You could even find a child with a large open wound. They can do some serious damage to people’s lives.

What are some people allergic to ?

Most children with very bad allergies may become very sick. One example is diaper rash. Another is asthma. One of the big problems with a very sick child with a rash should be that it may keep you away from these kids. Many of them will try to run away from their parents – or they might try to kill you.

Have you ever been sick as a result of handling a dummy doll ?

Yes. My dad was in one day. We had a young boy with a lot of rash, and as I put a coat over him he started wringing his hands and tried to push them in our face. This was terrifying. He got very cold for a few days – it hurt his fingers and it was very painful. I went to see my doctor who said that although the rash is very cold and uncomfortable, it isn’t something that could cause you to get a cold and that it should be treated with rest or a cool drink to prevent it. For four or five days we just put the boy in bed and watched TV. And it didn’t bother me at all. But when we called the child care, they told me how scared they were and that I should call the police. So the next morning I tried to do the trick again, but I couldn’t even lift my leg up over my head. It was covered in white stuff – nothing to see, nothing to touch. I took the baby to the hospital. They said that the rash was probably caused by a virus – so it may have been something that a hospital would have given him. They said that I should call the police immediately. And I did that and was taken to the station as well.

What happens if a dummy doll damages it’s owner ?

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