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Synonyms for ventriloquist are mime, magician, clown, clown artist, con artist, con man, entertainer, actor, clowns

Do you prefer a puppet?

We like puppets, too! We are interested in puppets that act or speak in a manner similar to a puppet performer or voice actor. We do not, however, accept puppets that are used for any other purpose than performance

Do you like to play tricks on yourself?

If you have been playing tricks on yourself for awhile, perhaps it’s time to take a break! Some of the tricks we do are:
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Brief exposure to extreme cold, like in the freezer. This will make you feel very cold and is a good way to stay warm until you recover

Brief exposure to fire, such as in a wood stove

Brief exposure to loud noises or music

Brief exposure to loud thunderstorms

Brief exposure to loud noises or music

I have been playing cards that are a combination of cards and a board. It sounds fun!

You have been playing cards or playing games that are a combination of cards and a board (such as jacks, jokers, and the “blackjack” deck!) and may experience temporary hearing loss. This can occur even if you don’t have any hearing problems. Although some patients complain of headaches, there is no causal relationship between headaches and playing cards.

For more detailed reasons why someone might hear things, refer to the links below:

Why would a doctor do this?

If you believe that you have hearing loss related to card players, and you can have a complete physical exam to confirm the diagnosis, please call our Office of Hearing Care at (888) 898-4825. If you would like to discuss your case prior to making an appointment, please call (888) 898-0852.

What should I expect from my hearing evaluation?

When you come to our office for your hearing evaluation, you will walk into the hearing room with your hands touching your cheeks. At the beginning of the evaluation we will ask how much you hear when you’re not using external speakers. We will ask for your age and gender. We will also ask if you have experience in hearing loss or if you have ever had hearing loss. We will review a list of typical sounds you would hear when you play card games. We will then ask for your list of what

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