What is a synonym for ventriloquist? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Release

In the most general sense, a synonym for ventriloquist means a person who mimics what they do, usually by performing the same act. In this case, we could be talking about a person who plays a puppet on stage. When describing this, the term ventriloquist is usually used to refer to the “play” part, as in a puppet show.

However, many individuals who play or dress parts in a play have never played a puppet before. They may have been playing with puppets or with toys or with live animals, which is what we’d normally refer to as a “performance.” Often they don’t have the skills necessary to imitate a puppet or to perform a part with puppets, so they’ll often perform a trick or a trick with a physical puppet instead.

What is a ventriloquism?

In this case, I’d use the term ventriloquism. If you’re not a fan of the word, this would be a synonym of ventriloquizing, which also means mimicking exactly and exactly to the person doing it. If they’re playing with puppets and with a physical puppet, it’s considered a form of ventriloquism, and when talking about mimicking the performer, it’s generally considered the actual performance part.

Is the term Ventriloquism just to differentiate this?
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Ventriloquism usually isn’t just used when describing the act of doing it. It’s used when describing the personality of the person doing it. In this case, one person is doing it and the other is mimicking them. So by defining the term in this way, we are only actually referring to the actual performance part.

Can someone just dress up like a puppet and play it, without actually having the skill or the puppets and things?

Yes, someone can just dress up and act out a puppet act, but that’s not the same as actually doing it. If you want to describe it as a performance, they would need more than just the makeup and the costume, and also they’d need more than just a puppet. They would need to be mimicking the puppet in real life in order to play the role, so they would have to have the skill and puppets.

How does ventriloquism differ from a character impersonation?

The difference between a puppet act and a character identity is that as a character, when

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