What is a Transviliquist? – How To Learn Faster With The Feynman Technique

Here are two easy definitions from Dictionary.com – Transvestite

“Transvestite was an informal term for a female who worked in the sex trade, especially a female “escort” … The term was also sometimes used (as in the movie) by males to describe males who worked during ‘transvestite’ period after 1960s. The first instance of the word being used by females in the United States at least appears in the book “The Black Market: A Handbook for the Professional Transvestite” by Dr. L.E. Kuntz.”

“The word transvestite was first used in the 1930s in the West to denote what was then called a tranny — a female, usually working in the sex trade.” – Wikipedia.

And another definition on Merriam-Webster – Transvestite – a female sex worker

I love going to the beach.

That’s a big no-no for anybody, but it’s even more difficult for someone who has a history of cancer.

The first time I went, I thought, “God, this is awful.” We were the only family there, which meant we had a small place. But a lot of other adults in our families had gone through chemotherapy or received radiation when they were teenagers or college kids and survived, and they were all so grateful.

Then there was me. Not just because I had a history, or more importantly because I’d been diagnosed in my twenties. I was a young woman, in my late twenties, and the doctor asked if I wanted to be evaluated for lung cancer.

The doctor told me that, yes, I had a history of lung cancer, and I should talk to an oncologist. When you’re not a doctor, you’re so used to seeing your peers as experts who know what’s going on in your body, you think that doctor’s not going to know any better, or that maybe they didn’t listen to the doctor they’d been treating for the previous 20 years. In my case, I wasn’t an expert, but I was a woman with a history of lung cancer and a doctor who was sympathetic to my concerns.

After that first consultation, I was scared. I went online for advice, trying to figure out what a new diagnosis had to do with it. I read all the posts on “How To Talk To Your Oncologist About Cancer,” the popular cancer forums, and I listened to a podcast called “Ask

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