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The one that’s in her car.

— A little bit of life! My friend says she knows all the answers, but she’s really, really sad now.

— You mean “life”?

Caleb’s a little older than the characters in the movies you’ve always called him.

— He’s a little older? But he’s a grown-up, at least.

Caleb has a crush on the character named “Shrek” in “Kingdom Hearts II.”

— It’s probably because I haven’t seen “Shrek” in a few years.

So do you play games?

I play “Grand Theft Auto,” then “Puyo Puyo” and “Puyo Puyo Tetris.”

Is there any game in particular that you’ve been obsessed with these days?

There is. That’s because I really enjoy exploring the worlds. I remember when we were kids, we had to play all kinds of games. I mean the “Pokemon Go” phenomenon. They are constantly exploring it. We have a lot of time to explore the worlds.

Do you keep up with “Pokemon?”

I just play it now, because it’s one of my favorite things!

How about the TV show “Game of Thrones”?

Oh, I get to watch “Game of Thrones,” but you know Game of Thrones, I really need it! “Game of Thrones” is really an incredible show. I’ve been obsessed with the show since I was a little kid. There’s so much to be experienced with it. For instance, we just recently did a very, very cool trip to Spain, and it was just really amazing. It feels like my fifth favorite thing of all time.

I’m sure you must get really attached to the show!

Of course! I’ve loved “Game of Thrones” my whole life. I remember seeing it on TV when I was 11. I was a huge fan. It’s really what got me into acting.

You were playing the role of Cersei Lannister on “Game of Thrones.”

I was. I’ve been in this house for 12 years, all of those years now. I love that show. That show changed my life, in a lot of ways. I never knew what a fantasy series was. I was just another child who was in the house. I thought maybe it would change me forever.

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