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– John W. Campbell Jr.

In these days of “coddling,” I must remind you, I was a bit soft when I was your age. I was about ten years old. And I was on the first subway car in New York that I was allowed to ride from the Bronx to Manhattan. I remember walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Holland Tunnel, on the way back from the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping at a certain street by the tunnel entrance to say, to my parents, “Oh, this place smells like roses,” which I did every day. And one of the things that is difficult in my case, in the fact that I was of an age that was very much a part of this generation’s culture—it would have to be an aspect of what is called, in this day and age, urban culture—I was not allowed to wear clothes that did not comply with the kind of standards which were enforced at that period, and that’s what I found terribly uncomfortable about.

The people in my life were very much aware that what society is supposed to be expected of you was not good for your self-esteem. They were very concerned about the way you were dressing, of course, but also about the way you looked, of what you were allowed to wear, and what you weren’t, because if you looked bad, if you were not accepted as a human being, and you were not supposed to be a woman, you were going to be discriminated against. It doesn’t mean you’d be a murderer at all, but you would have the chance of being killed. It would be a bad thing, and that was a horrible thing to say, but it happened. And I knew that there were the consequences.

Then, and only now, can it be said that—I’m just going to use the word, “gender” deliberately—we are now much more relaxed about that, because of the fact that we have the ability to control our bodies and to make all sorts of other changes—the ability, if you will, for women, at a very young age to stop their genital development, and the ability for a boy to be a little bit of a boy—and certainly a woman—the ability to do so. So that we aren’t forced to look the way we’re supposed to by the people in our society, as I did in the Seventies and Eighties, and by the people in their place at the time.

But in terms of that

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