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It’s the words that make it so… You can be a hero and be a hero-in-training, but… You can’t hide the part that you want to cry.”

“…That’s right. You can’t act like that.”

“…Aria-san, please, don’t say something strange to other people.”
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Rin asked Aria. For Aria, it was strange to say something strange to Rin.

“Rin, what makes you think that you can’t do it? Because you can, it’s not like you can’t. You are a Hero-in-training, and even if they are just your friends who think you are strange, you can talk about it. There will be people who will think that you are a villain, you see. What is a Hero-in-training who can’t show the emotions of a hero if he can’t show his feelings?”


Aria opened her mouth to respond.

“You don’t know what a Hero-in-training would think about that sort of thing, do you?”

“Ah..! I know my own feelings well enough.”

Rin shook her head.

“It’s not so important.”

(I still think that you would still cry a little if I told her that, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to lie.)

Even if it was a lie, Aria told it honestly.

“What do you understand about a Hero-in-training?”

“It’s something which has nothing to do with your current feelings of being a hero. You need to have the power to live. That is, to overcome all challenges, just like how you have the power to defeat and save anyone. To be able to live is the highest achievement a Hero-in-training can have.”


Even if it was a lie, Aria told it truthfully.

“…What I do and how I live are important and I do that to make me who I am. But, it doesn’t matter whether I’m a hero or not if I can’t say it.”

“Then do you need someone to guide you?”

“No, I don’t need anyone.”

“That’s wrong.”

Rin stopped her words.

“Then it is that I don’t know what to teach a Hero-in-training who

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