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And if you can say them, can you think them and think them without a mind? And can you think a word without a heart?”

The Master answered:

“I do not want to be considered an old man when I am young, because I do not think much.”

Then the aged man asked: “I do not understand you, Master.”

The Master replied:

“Let everyone judge himself by his deeds, whether we are young or old.”

And this answer was a true testimony for the whole generation.

The next day the Master spoke as follows:

“It is not the age but life which is the measure of one’s worth, and who is to say why I am here at this time? Only that, as soon as I became old, I was born again and am here today to offer this testimony of what I have seen, and to show of what power I am the possessor of spiritual power.”

Then the Lord said:

“It is not the life that is the measure of life — though life is precious and precious to me — but the body.”

And at last the old man was silent.

Then the Lord told the other man:

“You are now on your own — you have no way home, no way back. You cannot go back or go forward: you are at your own disposal. Go back and come forward as I have told you. Go your way. I have seen everything from here on. I see where you are born, where you grow and where you die — and all I want to know is how you have died. When you get over my words, you will know for sure that you need no one.”

The young man turned back and said:

“Oh Master, it hurts — it hurts to be left alone.”

“It is not so,” said the old man. “I do not want you to think this way. It is quite enough at this time to see what you have experienced now, but to come back to where you are now and know for certain what happens to the soul in death — I want you to think things out for sure — I am trying to show you how to think things out in this life. Don’t you go away from this man.”

Then the old man said:

“If you had just gone away from me, I would have left you and you would have been quite out of

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