When was ventriloquism invented? – How To Learn Faster With The Feynman Technique For Children

I never thought it was invented. I can’t think of something that’s been invented more likely.

But that’s OK, because it was invented.

And then they invented the music?

I have no idea.

Instrumental music was invented during the Renaissance.

That’s interesting.

During the Renaissance they had a different understanding of what instruments were. They didn’t just think of them as things that players played. They thought of them as people who played instrument. So they figured out that instruments were people who play them in ways that were different and then they created the whole instrument-based thing.

Were you a fan of Latin music when you were growing up?

Yeah, I was. It’s just that I was much better at playing instrument. I can still read the words “chorus” and “partita.” I was definitely a Latin guy. I like Latin music. I love the way it sounds and the way things move, and I always thought “Chorus” was my favorite song.

Was “I, Too” always in your heart?

That was one of the first songs I wrote, in fact it was one of my favorite songs growing up because it was really catchy. I could make fun of myself. It was such a catchcry for kids at the time. And you see my parents go back and forth how they like it, I remember it being “Ain’t I?” which it was. [laughs] “Oh God, it’s coming.”

Did you have any favorite children’s cartoons that you grew up with?

I liked “Pinocchio” and “Little Al.”

Well, maybe I’m biased. But are you a big fan of the “Sesame Street” kids?

I am. It’s hilarious. The songs in the “Sesame Street” show are just as good as the songs in “Pinocchio.” It’s so funny. I really like the “Little Mermaid.”
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I was going to ask you about “Mermaid Man.”

I was really, really good at the singing part, the part where he sings “Mermaid Man.” It was the easiest song to sing. It was not so hard that when I tried it I couldn’t sing it. I’m not good at it though, to be precise. But it’s pretty damn good!

Have you always had a musical inclination?

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