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There’s none better. The one who is really entertaining, but also has a kind of dignity that you can’t necessarily measure. The one who understands what people want to hear, and the one who has an absolute sense of timing and when to use a joke. People love to see and hear the jokes, and when they are done well, you hear an applause. When people do well in the comedy stage, especially the ventriloquist, I mean, we all love it so much. The most memorable show is when you have two little kids who have had a pretty hard time. They have a really poor voice. They can’t talk. Even though their mouth is open, it’s really hard to communicate and not make your kids want to run away.

And they’ve got a really bad accent! I have no idea how that happened!

Well they had to get that done at the same time that they got all those things on set. Then, the kids got on the set, and they just screamed and we were like this kid got on the set, and he’s like, Oh my god, no. He’s in the middle of this, this is a good one. He’s like, oh my god, we don’t want to do that one anymore! He’s a great dad because you can’t go back through the script, and then you have to improvise. So, he could just tell us, Hey, I want to do this one really well. And he’s also a big movie buff, he loves movies. He watched Jurassic Park before he was supposed to, and he really loved Jurassic Park. So it was a great combination, and it was a great day for him.

You have an American accent?

Yeah. I have a slightly different set of diction. Not only because I grew up with it, you start to learn it from older people, and I think people don’t know just how much of a thing it is. But I do know I like it pretty much. My English teacher used to say that it was a very important part of being a teacher, and he always pointed out we learn how to say some of the words differently when we actually meet a child, you know, who’s learning English. But I’ve always heard it was just the way I am.

And you also don’t like wearing your own shoes?

Yeah. That’s a little weird.
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Do you?


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