Who is the female ventriloquist? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Tv Reviews

It is hard to say. Some would place the woman at around 50, but the one pictured did not appear to be female.

What did the female do?

The unidentified woman appears to have taken a dummy and inserted it into the ventriloquist’s mouth. Then she pulled a dummy out of her pocket and played it for him, while he did the same. She then took the dummy, cleaned it, then put it back into the dummy’s mouth and played it one more time.

According to the report, the dummy was made up in various configurations.

What was the dummy made of?

A number of articles have been published on the subject of how female ventriloquists were constructed from various materials.

However, the most common material used was wood, although many of the pieces were created out of metal, plastics and fabric.

Other materials including paper and cloth were used on one occasion, too.

The most common materials were usually of a high quality and not readily available for purchase.

What parts did the female ventriloquist put into the dummy?
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One article claims that this was done because ventriloquists needed to show the audience that a dummy was made without the dummy being present.

This had the effect of making the audience more willing to accept the dummy being present as a real thing.

Others say that the female dummy was placed to make it look real.

The most popular belief states that the dummy was placed in the dummy’s mouth by pulling in the dummy’s head, so that it would move in the mouth of the dummy, and in the dummy’s mouth it would turn into the dummy.

Others suggest that the female dummy was placed in the lower part of the dummy, so that when the dummy was pulled down in the mouth it would appear to be the female dummy.

Is there any scientific evidence to support this theory?

The reality is that there is not enough scientific evidence to support the claim that the female dummy was inserted into the dummy as part of a demonstration of how a dummy is made.

However, scientists have theorized that female ventriloquists have been manipulated with special equipment by ventriloquists to keep them from getting a sense of the dummy they played.

There are some claims that one or two of the dummy pieces have been placed in the dummy at a time, which can be helpful in keeping an audience’s

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