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Here’s a fun fact: ventriloquists are the number 1 most common profession in the US. They earned over $13 billion last year! (Source: National Association for the Ventriloquist.) This begs the question, why do “v” and “v” not sound like the word for “voice”?

After a month of silence, the American media, the official Republican Party and the GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump have been back to work this week making excuses for their candidate. A new article highlights how “a group of Republican foreign policy veterans criticized the GOP nominee over his remarks in a 2005 video showing him boasting of kissing and grabbing women without their consent. The group says that Trump’s comments were offensive, ‘not at all’ in its own right, but that they are a direct result of the ‘pussy grabber’ label he so often is applied to him.”

No, Mr. Trump (and Mrs. Clinton), we don’t actually need to talk about your sexual exploits as the president of America. We need to talk about what they do to our society, which is why we need a Democrat nominee in November.

I have argued many times elsewhere that the Democrat candidate’s record on women’s health services is woefully inadequate. Clinton’s stance on these issues is not much different from that of a man who would appoint a man to a federal appellate court: It’s a good idea to make sure we have judges who support abortion rights, but the woman’s right to health care is far more important than whether women will get abortions.
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The same is true of the Republican nominee’s record on women’s health. Trump has advocated for abstinence-only sex education, so he cannot be blamed for the devastating impact that these programs have had on teenagers. The Republican candidate is, apparently, a proponent of using condoms during sex that can lead to sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy to protect girls younger than 12, as well. That is not “at all” different from a man who believes that abstinence is the only way for a woman to “keep herself” from getting pregnant.

But there is more to what Trump says about his sex life than is currently being reported. A man who is openly bisexual has never said anything remotely similar to what Trump described, with the exception of a single story published by Time magazine, where Trump discussed a potential female date with a story that he told about a girl he slept with five years ago. Trump’s “sexual conquests” story was later reported

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