Who is the richest ventriloquist? – Ventriloquist Mouth Position

The answer: it’s the guy behind the wheel.

But he isn’t the person who makes all the money. That’s got to be a car manufacturer. That’s got to be the guy who makes the damn things. He drives. Or if he drives like a madman, he drives for peanuts. If he drives like a madman, that makes him the richest ventriloquist and the biggest fraud in history, the first time in history that man drives with a voicebox on his car. He must be a madman.

I hope you’re sitting in that car now. That’s right. In my imagination. I’m sitting in your car right now. Because I am the richest ventriloquist in the world.

Why can’t I go into the back of your factory right now and buy that car?

It ain’t mine. Mine’s somebody else’s. A buddy’s. He made it. He made it. Somebody else made it.

That’s a little different from how it goes with the person who makes the thing. I don’t think that’s all we need to know. I don’t think it takes much to figure out. The most important thing at the end of the day is, there’s been a car built; a car to do this. There’s a guy on the corner of every street in America who makes ventriloquism that is the most effective, the most effective, the most effective thing that you could ever do. They all have it. Everybody has it. In fact, they’re in charge of this stuff. They’re the ones who have it at the top of their minds. It’s them who make it go up and up. The people that drive cars make it go up and up.

The guy on the corner of every street in America who drives this? That’s you, the guy, the guy who owns the factory. That’s you. And it’s the guy at the factory who makes it run.

What is the most effective thing you could do?

Well, what do you think is the least effective thing to do? Go to a funeral.

You really think the most effective thing you can do is go to a funeral?

You’d never know it unless you were there. I remember I tried it once. Somebody said that I’m going to the cemetery to look for my son. So I was going through the cemetery and my son was dead

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