Can phones read minds? – Cool Easy Magic Tricks For Beginners

What about reading your own thoughts?

The technology is being used to analyze the thoughts of people, particularly young people, for things like their social circles, and to detect them in online social networks.

“Imagine if we could read one of your dreams using AI or telepathy. You might be less afraid of getting raped, your roommate could stop inviting you over to play video games with you, and you still know what it’s like to be alone,” Google’s John Schmidt said.

For now, however, it’s only the techies who can be trained with the technology: They’ll have to be implanted, though there’s evidence that the technology could be used to treat people’s depression or even cancer patients.

The National Institute for Brain Sciences is currently testing the technology in healthy volunteers, and is planning to conduct clinical trials in the near future.

“Our technology enables us to detect and read one’s thoughts and perceptions in real-time as they occur, and, if successful, we hope it can have benefits in many aspects of human life, from managing depression and other mental illnesses to monitoring cognitive and emotional development,” researcher Prof. Martin Fleischmann said.

The tech isn’t 100% reliable yet — studies have shown that people can have negative false positives and vice-versa. Nevertheless, it may be a lifesaver.

“Imagine someone sitting down to write a letter. Maybe they’re feeling depressed, maybe they’re suicidal and we have a good idea that they’re in pain,” Schmidt said.

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