Can phones read minds? – Smarter Living Podcast

If the answer is yes, why not use it in our phones?

One of the researchers behind the new project explained that “we’re interested in answering the question, ‘Can you read my mind?’ and we’re going to see if there are any signs of this.”

So far, the team has scanned the minds of 11 people who were asked to read and rate, on a scale of one to 10, five scenarios in which human beings are judged against either a real (bad) or an imagined (good) human.

The results may suggest that brain scans might be able to detect whether someone is lying or telling the truth.

The researchers hope that their new method is a viable tool for detecting deception.

“We have seen many studies with deception, but nobody has been able to do a systematic analysis with these types of scans,” said team member Dr. Anja Lange in a report published in PLOS ONE. “The goal of this work is to do a very careful systematic analysis.”

However, the team is still investigating a few caveats of their approach.

First, scanning people’s brains can yield inaccurate results, and the team have not yet tested it on those people who appear to be lying or telling the truth.

“We have not found any signs of deceit or truthfulness,” said Dr. Lange.

A second, albeit more interesting, complication comes from the fact that the brain imaging scans revealed that people’s thoughts did not carry the same meaning to the scanner as their movements.

“This means that what is happening in the scanner is not the same thing as what is going on in the mind of the person doing the scan,” said lead author Dr. Matthew Tassone.

As a result, researchers will need to collect data both from the people who are scanning their minds and from their actual thoughts, to really be able to measure mindreading abilities.

The team will then use this information to develop tools for more precise detection of deception.

What can you do to see if you’re lying or telling the truth?

If you don’t think you’re telling the truth, you should take this into account when you’re getting a cell phone. A good lie will give an impression that seems to match what your mind knows to be true.

If you’re sure you’re telling the truth, your cell phone won’t detect any lies at all until you take some additional steps:

If you’re

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