Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Magic Tricks For Beginners With Pen

(No, I’m looking at you, my little brother)

How would you lift a person, even someone as tall as the Statue of Liberty, by magnets?

Can you levitate someone with a piece of iron wire on earth? (No, but don’t you think you could probably levitate it?)

How about using electricity to lift someone over water and then pull them away by the rope?

How about using electricity and magnets to levitate a person on Earth or in space?

Would it be possible to lift a man, even taller than the world famous Statue of Liberty, by magnetism?

How about magnetically levitating the Statue of Liberty herself, even taller than the Statue of Liberty?

How about creating a magnetic field around her to levitate an entire building or even a section of the Statue?

How would you levitate something weighing tons and making it float on only one side?

Can you levitate a person with a magnetic field?

Could you levitate a very tall man without ever touching him?

If no, let’s keep this simple. You cannot levitate a person. You cannot levitate a group of people.

But don’t stop there. The question is, could you levitate a person with a magnetic field? If you could, then why couldn’t you do it? But if you cannot, then that means you are not capable of levitation, yet. You are, perhaps, capable only of levitating a person. What a relief. (Just don’t tell the children that you do not levitate.)

For further evidence, see if it makes any sense to see how you might levitate someone. Now imagine how you would do it and you will see how very simple it could be in just a few days.

A Simple Example

If we are levitating a car, wouldn’t it make sense to do that levitating by magnetism? To begin with, how can we levitate something that doesn’t exist? When I was a kid (ages 10 to 15), I used to dream up all sorts of ways to make things fly, pull objects into space, and such. One of the dream ideas I had was that I would levitate a car on my own, without the help of a motor. This seemed absurd to me at the time, but a lot of people were convinced that I would be able to levitate a car without help at all.

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