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Nope. The closest you get is the small pointy tip (as in the “scooped” pencil)

Why is pencil sharpening so difficult?

The small points on modern pencils are very easy for sharpening.

Why are modern pencils not sharpened?

Modern pencils were not designed to be sharpened and most do not even have a sharpened point.

If pencils are too difficult to sharpen, how do I sharpen my pencils?

Here are some tips.

There are two basic ways to sharpen modern pencils:

With a standard pencil sharpener on a fine point. You can use a standard pencil sharpener on a small point. A fine point sharpener on a fine point.

All of the basic tools mentioned above are available to you. It is up to you to decide which to use. Many people use the smaller point for simple pencil work.

However, if you use a fine point sharpener you will quickly find that the sharpening process will be more difficult for each pencil you sharpen. That is a fact.

It is therefore worth looking at each particular pen you are using carefully and see if you can sharpen your pencil in a couple of minutes.

Steps to sharpen:

Remove the pencils from the box and set them up on a piece of furniture. Make sure that any flat parts of a pencil are not touching the floor. It is ok if the pencils are in a stack.
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Hold a pencil under the pencil sharpener (or on a plate) and gently lift up the pencil’s flat parts. Be patient. Many sharpening tools are quite hard to lift up from the pencil. If they are stuck on, you can use a screw driver, toothpick or small screwdriver. If it is stuck, you can do a tiny bit of squeezing, and that can help move the pencil up to the point and into sharpness.

If it does not move easily, try removing the pencil by rolling the flat part of the pencil up and into sharpness. This is the opposite of what you would usually do, so you have to be prepared to adjust it again.

Remove the pencil sharpener from the pencil. You may already have a handle on it, so if not, you can get on to the box and unclip it. It might look like it is just hanging off, but that is

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