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“I’m thinking about how we can move around it, but I don’t know if we actually do anything to move out the inventory from our vault and into the general inventory,” said Bowers.

According to the Bank of Canada’s website in July, its “general account receivables”, or money deposited or withdrawn, has totaled $2.9-billion, with most of that from people who withdrew cash from banks, CIBC, Bank of Montreal and Banco Santander.

For the first quarter, the national market for unopened bank notes in circulation was $4.1-billion, with most coming from customers who withdrew cash. Bank of Montreal said this year’s figures for unopened bank notes in circulation was up slightly to $4.25-billion.

Bowers said that, if that trend persisted, the Bank of Canada’s $20 note might be sold.

“We’re not in a position to put them up for sale – we’re in a position to try to manage expectations and look at how much the market can absorb,” she said.

On Sunday, the Bank of Canada will continue to debate the issue of its $20 note supply as it prepares to release its first budget in two months.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the Microsoft-made Surface Pro 5 will carry Windows Hello authentication for the first time. But the real surprise came when we found out that the first-gen version of the device has an even more secure fingerprint reader installed inside its palm rest, as well.

We can now exclusively confirm that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 includes a very clever new fingerprint reader, which Microsoft calls a TouchScan.

The fingerprint scanner was first revealed at Computex 2015 while at a meeting with Microsoft executives in Taipei, and it was then that we learned that the Surface Pro 5 will also include an advanced biometric sensor inside its touchpad too. When we asked for clarification of the meaning of the TouchScan, a spokesperson told us that: “TouchScan is a fingerprint-like authentication device that will be integrated into the Surface Pro 5.”

According to a source, it’s quite possible that this TouchScan sensor is an additional fingerprint sensor for all Surface Pro 5 units sold after the first-gen Surface Pro 4.

We’ve been wondering for months if the TouchScan has changed since its predecessor, but it was already revealed earlier this month when Microsoft announced that the device was to be “the most secure,

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