How are illusions done? – Youtube Magic Tricks Revealed On Agt Impressionist

If the illusion is in the mind, then the illusion is an illusion. They might be the same, they might not be, but I’m giving the impression that they’re not. If they’re illusions, then what they mean is just that you’re going through a set of experiences that lead you to believe they’re really happening, but they might not be. If they are illusions, then the belief in the illusions is not the right belief in a world that does not have them. It’s like saying “I believe in God, therefore I am not going to be harmed or abused by him.”

Or they could even be the same as what you believe in a normal world, but the illusions don’t mean anything. They are simply the way to make the experience more interesting.

They can be illusions when you use them for fantasy purposes.

Or else they might just be the way people process the world to create a fantasy world. The illusion can be what we call “sensory illusion,” or “vision illusion,” etc. In the latter case, the hallucinatory sensation you get is what you are seeing, and it will probably have some relation to the things you see, but it is not reality at all. It’s an illusion.

If it’s a visual illusion, that might include things like the appearance of a mirror that is part of your body. It might be the appearance of two people in a mirror and then you will either see them as separate people or you will see them as one, or you won’t see anything at all.

It’s not a real person, but that doesn’t mean you really believe it doesn’t exist. The person that appears is also a fantasy, so if the illusion is real then you believe that as well, that is your hallucination-the delusion that you’re seeing another person.

If it’s a memory of seeing a mirror, if it’s a feeling that you get in the body that you think is a mirror, then there’s obviously no reason for you to believe it’s not real. You would do exactly the opposite of what you do if it didn’t exist. It might even be a visual illusion, because the appearance might be a visual impression or a visual form—a photo that someone took.

It’s the same thing, really. You might perceive someone’s face behind a screen, or at this point you might be thinking of looking at the screen and finding yourself looking back for the person’s face

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