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The first thing I did was pull the cord. Nothing worked. After that it only worked when I held the cord high up in the air. Then I got the cord back and tied it down to a pole. Then the next thing I did was pull on the cord. It wasn’t working again. Here is a picture of the two devices side-by-side.

Next I pulled the cord down out of the pole. This worked, too. After that I put the cord over my head and pulled to hold against my body. This worked.

Next I got a cord cutter which gave me three different cords from 3 different lengths as long as I want, and one of the cords was the “short” one I wanted. Then I cut off the old cord and used the new one to hold the pole.

I’m in the process of getting to the bottom of this whole thing. The more I learn about power tools the happier I get. I will be back very soon, maybe even sooner.

The only thing I can honestly tell you is this. If a cord is not working you can always get some more. But you’ll have to find some good people to help you.

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I don’t know if I ever did anything special with my first few hundred dollars. It was a way to help my friends and family and make sure the home I grew up in wasn’t abandoned yet. It was also a way to fund the next chapter of my life.

In 2013, I was on the brink of turning 60 and looking back at all my past purchases, I knew I couldn’t live with that much money. It was time to cut back.

We are now in June 2016, and there have been a couple of changes and upgrades along the way:

1. I purchased an amazing new kitchen from the pros at KitchenAid. In the past I had used KitchenAid to put together a ton of things that have ended up in my house, and they are an amazing company. They will give you honest reviews and will do any necessary maintenance to save you money.

2. I bought a new car, and was able to finance a down payment via installment loan. I can’t remember the exact percentage I paid because this is more of an investment than something I need or want to sell.

I plan on driving all of the major routes I’ve traveled so far in 2016. I haven’t even started on what I plan to

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