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I’ve tried my best to learn this stuff though my personal observations. I’m sure I’m missing some things. Let me know if you get something.

I found this one from Dr. Steven J. Schwartz in The New York Times a while back. They talk about how people make up their minds by first trying to imagine how they would act if they were on the receiving end of social exclusion. That is very helpful. You’re not thinking. You’re imagining how your life would be different if people were nice to me.

How do you think the mind works?

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I think psychology does a pretty good job at getting at the truth. For instance, you can tell when somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Even though they say they do, you can tell. This is an example.

I’m going to use some psychology examples to illustrate an important fact for psychologists and mental health professionals: when people feel uncomfortable or frustrated it is very difficult for them to understand why they feel such hurt and distress. That’s one reason why people tend not to seek out help. I can’t give advice, but the first thing I tell my clients is don’t be fearful of someone or what happens to them and take a few minutes to think about whether you want to seek it out.

When you think of it, mental health is not all fun and games. When you’re feeling down, anxiety and depression are not what you’re thinking about for sure. So if you want to reduce your anxiety the first thing you should do is ask a colleague. Maybe they have a few insights, and if they feel like I can get some help from them, try calling.

Why did you pick this book?

I picked it because the first two books by Susan Cain are pretty decent books and so are these books by Michael Shermer.

Why did you choose the title, Mind Over Mind?

Mind Over Mind is a bit like if you put two cats in a room, they’ll fight each other over who is the strongest. If you put a man in front of a dog he’ll fight to the death over who is stronger. Or put two elephants, two lions, two tigers, they will fight to the death over who is the best. That is a powerful psychological fact.

Is it accurate to say you’re in a state of anxiety and worry?

Not necessarily. A state of anxiety and worry tends to be more difficult for people who are depressed or

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