How do illusions work psychology? – How To Do Cool Easy Magic Tricks With Cards

How do they work when we have a clear picture of how something exists, but what it is isn’t obvious? Imagine if you could see how your world looked through a telescope. You would be able to see how the trees in your backyard look, in fact, and you would be able to see your kitchen window, which you see now. We also can see the way our world looks from a distant star. We can see, for example, how the earth revolves around the sun. But how do we make those two things seem equally real? When a picture is made you’re using a medium, and a medium can be warped and distorted. A scientist can’t simply sit in a room with a telescope and take a picture without making it distort, because he doesn’t exist. What I’m saying here is that we can see how it all looks from our perspective, just like how we can see a star through a telescope, but we can’t see how it came to be the way it is or how it is that way. For example, when I take a picture of a tree I’m using a medium that can be warped and distorted, such as a camera lens. When that’s warped into a tree, as you see in the picture you can see that the tree actually is a tree, but the details that I put in the picture to make it look tree-shaped aren’t just going to be erased. How could we say, “Okay, well, it really looks like a tree,” when our mind was made that way by a particular medium? Is this how it should be?

This isn’t just a matter of the mind not being able to see the nature of a thing. The reason people can’t see how an apple tree grows is because their mind doesn’t work like this. We would have to believe it’s a tree, because we see it as one, and our mind would have to believe that one. The world as it is doesn’t feel like a tree, and the mind that thinks of apple trees as such doesn’t feel like an apple tree. The point is that these things, too, have been made up, and their true nature comes from the mind. We can’t see it, but we have to believe it’s there.

If people had just accepted the world as it really is, and had accepted all the details they saw through their mediums, then they would know the world as it actually is, but we still wouldn’t believe it to be the way it is.

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