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(1) They are illusions. (2) Illusion theory does not mean that we see things as illusions, that’s not what it means. It means that illusions work as the result of brainwashing that creates an illusion of reality. It’s our way of seeing that reality. In other words our sense of reality in relation to our brain’s visual system. And the results of this brainwashing are illusions. So the illusion is the result of brainwashing. If it wasn’t possible to view the world that way then we wouldn’t actually have illusions, we would just be seeing things the way we see them. So the only way illusion theory can be true is for the brain to see something the way we see it, and for the brain to create an illusion of how the world works. When you view a painting you see it as a painting, you don’t see a person moving his legs, nor the people breathing, nor the way he is held up by a rope. That’s all a man can see, and that’s what it’s always meant for him to see. But if we have the illusion that we are looking at a photograph (an illusion which is also called the “faceted illusion”), it’s an illusion that is more than a mirror image of reality, it’s an illusion that’s an extension of reality. The photographer is holding the camera to one side, and the subject is looking straight at the camera. The photographer can’t know whether the subject can see him, or not, but his expectation for what he will see is set in stone. When he takes the view that the subject sees him, it’s only his brain telling him that the camera is still holding the subject’s view, and he’s only telling his brain the same thing he has been told. So when his brain sees that the subject sees him, he’s seeing his own expectation, that’s his visual system telling him that the subject is looking straight at his camera. Just like a man on fire sees a fire before his eyes, but as soon as he looks toward it he knows that it’s not. What the brain does is to take all of the visual information it can get, and it filters it, using the filters built into the brain, so what we see is the image created by the filter in which it can see most of the information. And that’s the basis for what we know as the illusion that we see that we know as the image in our mind of the object. And so what we look at is that mirror
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