How do mentalists bend spoons? – Magic Tricks Easy To Do At Home

You just bend the spoons, right? Right? And you can do this while having your eyes open?”

But the first person to ever see her face did not believe her story. She had seen mentalists before, but they were not so weird, this particular one was not like them, not like their friends. She could not explain, but the man, with his eyes closed, told his story slowly. And so she was able to figure out the next step.

“Okay, so you have this whole story that you’ve told? Well, you tell this person what you’re thinking, and what happens?” the first one asked her.

“Well, when you bend a spoon, it turns into a spiny snake!”

“Is it just you?” the man asked cautiously.

“It’s definitely you!”

“Then you must have been telling us about that? No?”

“Well, I’m being sincere here. When you are bending spoons and you see a snake, you start believing it. But the thing is, it’s very rare for me to see snakes. Well, not rare at all, in my experience!”

“But I’m pretty sure you’re telling a lie, and you probably think I’ve been deceived, are you!?” the man shot his voice with a hint of annoyance. She was already wondering if he was joking.

“Then… it’s alright. We’re all going to get hurt from this! We should go take a nap!” The first one nodded.

She nodded and headed out of the room.

She saw the same man standing behind her once she was back inside the office. He had a serious face, but there was something reassuring about him, a kind of smile, a smile that made her whole world feel good.

A smile that could bring down anyone else.

When she looked up, the man was glaring at her and talking in a mocking tone. He was telling her that the other two people he was going to see in the evening were “worse than you. They are badasses!”

No, he wasn’t a good dude. Instead he was a criminal thug and he did not deserve to find love, that was the worst part. In fact… she wasn’t even going to ask him about that right now. She just needed to find a place where she could be alone with that bad guy with the bad attitude.

The first person

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