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The term used to describe them is parapsychology . This is a fascinating field in which people use the power of suggestion and symbolism to communicate with other people, often in the form of dreams. It involves a person doing a dream and being given some information, or ideas, then asking what comes next. Sometimes this is very subtle, and people often only remember part of what they are told. Some suggest the person goes to a place, or is made to do something. And of course, there is the famous Parapsychology – The study of human psychic abilities . In this field of study, a person can think and do the kinds of things that are not the normal functions of the mind. If you were to walk into another person’s dream , would you think they were dreaming a fantasy? You would not, because their mind has control of their dream, and their mind is very clever. And yet, sometimes as the parapsychologist walks into another person’s dream , they may remember something , or remember a detail of that dream . They may even recall that it was a dream. So we still do not know what is really being communicated by those dreams . Yet, there are still many cases where it is found that some kind of communication occurs even though we could not clearly perceive it . It often seems like the people were giving an answer, but at the time we did not have enough insight to know what it might be . Parapsychologists know this, because they often claim that people can communicate with each other without a single sign being spoken. Some people use this to get answers to their dreams that they can clearly understand . And they say that this is a proof that parapsychology is true . They claim that no other field can claim this. We can only wonder . Do people actually communicate with each other in dreams ? In other words, are parapsychologists just wrong? Or are there other ways that we can communicate with each other within our dreams ? What happened to the ‘talking heads’, who used to do what you did? We don’t want to leave the door open that the dreamer can not communicate with the parapsychologist in the same way. Many people claim that they have had experiences where the parapsychologist made it seem like their dream would be their first lucid dream . However, this is a very common occurrence and there have been many instances in which people saw themselves as having a first lucid dream , even though they were not. A

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