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That’s a pretty basic one: Use light. Light is everywhere. We see it in our everyday lives in cars, airplanes, buildings… We see it all the time, because it’s part of the day, or it’s a natural occurrence. But you can get by without it, and it’ll never be your first choice, unless you want it. Light is everywhere. If light isn’t your primary thing, but it’s something you think you have, it’s a good choice as long as it’s something that helps you get by without having to stop and see what the world that surrounds you looks like.

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One thing that’s easy to do with the light is to use it to enhance a particular effect. The simplest kind is using the light to enhance shadow. With some people this is done using a technique I call shadow enhancement. Shadow enhancement is where you draw your shadow under your subject’s eyelid. In this kind of effect, you’re not making your subject do anything to help with the shadow. You can be really subtle in your shadow enhancement, and then when someone asks where you draw the shadow for something that’s easy to see, you can draw the shadows for it. You could be drawing a nice, round shadow, in which case the eyes will be very subtle because there’s not really any eye shadow to look at. You have to add a bit of the eye shape in there to create a bit of eye shadow around it, and the eyes will still look nice, but it won’t get anywhere near as noticeable as if the eyelid was shadowed, because you’re just adding a little bit of the eye shape into the shadow.

Now, what’s so incredible about shadow enhancement is that, since you’re not drawing any part of the eye, anyone can see it. There are no rules and no requirements. Just go ahead and draw. In your sketchbook, you can just draw. But if you want to go even higher up the ladder, go get some good reference photos. Make sure you take photos of the eye shadow where you can get a good reference for the eye.

If the person you’re drawing is wearing glasses or contacts, that’s a good place to draw the shadows. Now this is where it gets a little bit tricky because the shadow you create will be bigger or smaller than what their eye shadow actually is. So if a person in glasses is wearing shadow that’s the same shade as a person wearing contact lenses, they’re going to show some different characteristics of

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