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What is the best way to spend a coin on Christmas Eve?

I think getting into some coins like Ripple/CryptoXp/whatever…

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What does a coin do you can’t live without?


Halloween is upon us, and while that doesn’t do much about how great it is, it sure helps when you have a nice big ol’ bag of treats in your pocket. Here are some of my favorites, and some thoughts on why they’re so special.

I actually got this cookie recipe from my friends, a girl named Emily, at a Halloween party. She’s a huge fan of pumpkins. I guess that’s why they’re so amazing. Also, the icing is magical.

So what’s so special about chocolate-coated strawberries? Like most of these, they are the best thing at their party. If you don’t have a great place for strawberries at your house, skip this one! They’re so special and delicious and the best part is that you’ll make the best strawberry pie EVER.

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want a strawberry pie with vanilla frosting? Well, if you don’t, the pie will either taste pretty bad, or you’ll have to add a lot of sugar to it to make it taste good. It’s hard enough to make a delicious strawberry pie without having tons of vanilla frosting mixed in.

The thing I like best about these is that they have just enough sugar to keep you sweet and filled without really breaking the bank. I also really like the caramel frosting on top, which helps keep them from becoming too dark, but is also very easy to use (as long as you do the first one before the second one).

These are perfect for those in the US and Canada to enjoy after a long week at work or college (and you know, before you start that huge binge).

You know how you don’t want food to get in the way of a good

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