How do you do easy magic tricks with coins? – Youtube Magic Tricks America’s Got Talent

They get easier. A lot easier as it gets easier. You get a lot of new tricks and new things come to mind—things for you to do. You get to keep it simple. That’s the way the world works.

How long do you have to learn to play these?

I think two years. I get a lot of kids coming up to me in the audience and talking about how they didn’t understand how to play their tricks with coins, or they didn’t understand the different ways to make them. I talk to them about that in class and I tell them that when they get to high school, they’re going to be able to learn in a month, two weeks at most.

“They will want to be a professional magician.”

They’ll want to be a professional magician. I’ve had kids who are going to be college-bound, maybe a quarter million dollars and they’ll be coming in and they won’t know how their trick is made. At those levels it’s easier to help them understand how to make it. I talk about some of those techniques, even, and I encourage them.

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There’s the stuff you do to build a character and then go up on stage to perform your tricks. Where do you get those?

I get a lot of stuff from other people. I get some from YouTube. I’m lucky enough to get from YouTube my own. I know a lot of people who watch it and like it and I do a lot of tricks on it as well that they like. I find it quite fun to think about things that are happening in the background of what I do.

I like watching stuff like that, thinking of things. It’s kind of fun for me. But I’m only going to get to do that sort of stuff if I continue to do it.

You get a lot of other things that you don’t think about. What I have a lot of difficulty understanding is “why I do these things I do, and what makes me tick, and what kind of audience they are,” and how to relate it in a compelling way to the people watching.

How do you relate to your audiences?

My audiences want to go up and learn all this stuff. I’m going to teach them and it’s going to take me some time. But my biggest job is as a teacher as it is in front of an audience.

My audience is a little older than that. People

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