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To add to your existing skills and confidence level in a challenging situation, add your first two rounds to a routine you’re already doing. You’ll never forget how much your first two rounds boosted your confidence with your first quarter trick.

I’ve included my second two rounds here for reference.

The challenge: A quarter trick with a twist.

Once you have a knack for performing tricks in quarter tricks, add a twist. You can choose between doing the trick in one of the following ways:

Tailor your trick to help others, such as adding a trick such as a double-hooked stepover, a triple-ended spin, or a flip.

Take on the challenge yourself, such as using a trick you’ve learnt in a seminar or class.

Practise your skill until you feel comfortable with the trick.

As with all skill tasks, the longer you practice, the more likely it is your skill will improve with each practice session. Try using a routine you’ve never before used.

With practice increases, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable performing tricks in quarter tricks.

Once you’re confident that you’re confident in performing your first trick, try taking your skill to the next level with a new trick (a variation, an improvement).

Tip: The technique should be simple. If there’s one trick you want to do then do it.

If possible, don’t use a trick that’s out of your normal skill range.

Do some extra practice to make sure you’re able to perform the trick properly.


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What have I missed?

If there are any other tips for improving in a quarter trick, feel free to share them in the comments.

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