How do you do the quarter trick? – Easy Magic Tricks With Paper

I am so glad you asked!” “I am so glad you asked, brother!” “What’s in it for you?” “I’m going on a shopping spree!”

“I am going on a shopping spree?” “Well, are you going to the store today?” “Yeah, I’m going to the store.” “Have you heard anything about that little old lady?” [laughing] “Oh no, I just heard how bad it was for her.” “What a pity. She’s a very nice lady. Her name is Julia. She used to go to college there in Chicago, just like you. But she passed away recently just because her health got in the way.” “Is that true?” “Oh yes.” “You know what? We should just get out of here.” “You think that the doctor and the nurse are going to put her out?” “We need to come back in a minute. Yes, there is some good news.” “Good?” “Well, we’ve run some tests and we have some very good news. Now we don’t know what it is, but it sounds very good.” “I can’t believe you’re serious about it.” “You don’t know about this stuff, do you?” “Well, I don’t think I do.” “Well, the news makes me very happy.” “I can’t believe you’re serious. They are going to have to kill her anyway.” [laughing] “She will. She’ll die, she will. I know it. Don’t be surprised if she dies before I get home.” “Do you think she will let her die?” “I don’t know.” “You’re just as crazy as I am. I was so shocked by her death. I’m just as sure as I ever was, there is a cure.” “Why aren’t you?” “It would take the doctor and the nurses away from their post.” “Well, I don’t know. It depends on what their pay is. I mean, it is not like we’re going to get any money out of this.” “It’s more than you can say for something like this.” “Okay, you just let me know. We’ll be out of there in a minute.” [sipping some coffee] “Don’t be so shocked,” I told him. “You never know what the next two days will bring.”

“Don’t be so shocked,” I told him. “You never know what the next two days will bring.”

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