How do you do the quarter trick? – Magic Tricks Explained By Math

 It’s like doing that dance to the “My Way” song — just a lot faster and harder.  A few quick notes before I started, I decided to add this to my routine as a way to get a lot of reps in in the time it took to do the quarter (about 2 minute of quarters).  You’ll be working your way up to doing quarters with the quarter trick (or the other way around) in your everyday routine at some point. My first quarter trick was a straight-up side step, just to work on extending my leg out at the ground and not getting tripped on.  You can perform a quarter trick with either leg at the same time as a side step (for my side step it was my right leg, but for my quarter trick it was left leg), but I decided to add my right leg in case I wasn’t getting enough reps doing my side step.  As before, I extended my leg and just tried to keep my knee level.  This one’s harder, because you’ve got to keep your shoulder in line with your leg. But you don’t have time to think about how to do it right right now because I started to go from quarter trick to quarter trick — and it happened so fast that I didn’t even have any time to think about how I was going to accomplish it before the quarter (which happened right before the quarter trick).  But this time, I just bent my knee a bit and had someone pull onto my right knee from behind.  And it was easy!
What is a quarter trick?
A quarter trick is just like a side step or backstep, except you do it from the side instead of just going forward.  You’d do the quarter trick again, and you’d repeat the process.
In the photo above, I have my head in the air trying to extend my leg.
If you’re not quite sure how a quarter trick works out, look at what happens when you do a side step and end up facing into the right-hand corner.  Your left foot goes down, and you end up facing the opposite way.
If you look at the video below, you can see as I do my quarter trick, I go straight into the left-hand corner from the side without even looking at the floor.  That’s the whole point of quarter tricks — keeping your leg straight and not getting tripped on the way in. 
Note:  You can get all the quarter tricks done while

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