How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Simple But Cool Magic Tricks

Find a rubber pencil that you don’t have a pencil case for.

Gently remove the pencil from its case, place it on your lap, and twist the little pencil end until it comes out in the opposite position you’re trying to make it.

Once the pencil is out, move your left hand on top and then the right hand with the pencil to the left and vice versa.

The point you have just made will look like this:

How do you hold it?

Find yourself a piece of wood and grab the pencil. Don’t let it go until you find where they meet at the back of the grip. Hold the point of the pencil with your fingers under your fingernails and make the fingers touch the base of the pencil, and then twist the little pencil end until it makes the opposite side you want.

When you have the pencil pointed out the same direction as you are trying to make it, your right hand should be holding the pencil.

If you’re holding it to the left hand and have your fingers on the base of the pencil, then your left hand will be gripping the pencil.

There was a lot of talk about an NBA playoff game Friday night between the Kings and the Clippers, after which the league announced the teams as the highest-scoring teams in the playoffs, and the Kings took in the victory with an astounding 99 points. While a victory like that would certainly be worthy of the title of “highest scoring ever,” it’s not exactly what Kings fans were hoping for.

There were only 11 total points scored in an NBA playoff game in 2011, and it was the year of Derrick Rose’s career. This, the year before he became a star, when he’s the best player the team has ever had, when the players they had were averaging nearly 28 points a game. And yet there was another team in that game whose 99 points ranks eighth in NBA playoff history.

That team, the ’81 Lakers? They led the NBA in scoring that year, and they went on to win the 1979 NBA Title. With a combined 99 points, the Lakers outscored the opposition by 10,000 points. That’s more than the Kings have in their NBA playoff history. They also outscored the opposition by 7,000 points en route to their title. They’ve been on the court together since the beginning of the 2013-14 season, as Kobe Bryant’s injury in 2013 is still tearing them apart.


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