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I have always loved the fact that I am a rubber pencil.

I’ve loved my rubber toys (I’m the baby that got the rubber toys), I’ve loved my rubber friends (I’m the rubber friend that got rubber toys), and I’ve loved my rubber friends and rubber toys.

For years, I’ve toyed with the idea of making the rubber toy of my dreams my signature. The idea started with a very simple idea: my favorite pencil. It was the perfect size.

Here is the rubber pencil I wanted. It’s perfect.

Here is the rubber pencil.

The whole process is super simple.

1. Cut rubber to size.

It’s important to cut the rubber down to size before you proceed to the more expensive and more time-consuming step of gluing that rubber to the toy.

2. Glue rubber to rubber toy.

You can use any kind of glue. I don’t care which you choose. I am not a doctor.

3. Insert rubber into rubber pen.

Rubber is a very, very good adhesive.

I suggest sticking your rubber directly onto your rubber toy and making sure that your rubber is attached to the toy from under the cap. Some people like to put their rubber outside the toy and then glue it onto the rubber. The downside is that you might end up losing part of the rubber as your glue gets saturated with the soft rubber.

The downside is that I’ve noticed that if I glue my rubber onto the rubber, the glue makes it so that it sticks to the rubber very well.

4. Seal inside of toy when finished.

When you’re done gluing your rubber toy, seal the inside of the rubber with the same kind of glue you used earlier.

5. Add rubber to cap.

If your rubber is large enough to be covered by the cap, add some rubber to the cap.

If not, use your imagination.

A good rule of thumb is to use about the same amount of rubber in your rubber for different toy pens. I think my cap is about 0.3 ounces so I’m good at that.

If you are using a lot of rubber, put some glue on it because the glue gets so saturated with the rubber that it can’t withstand the weight of your pen.

6. Enjoy your rubber pens!

Your rubber pens might not feel like rubber

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