How do you do the world’s best magic trick? – Cool Magic Tricks For Kids 10 Years

Well, you do not do it by yourself, you do it by a master. Master or no master, you do the best magic trick in the world. Then tell me, do you know who that master is?”

“Hmm. Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you right. You say you want to do a magic trick from a master?”

“…Yes? Well then… If I are to do a magic trick from you, do you know why I am asking for your help? You say I am asking for your help because I am asking you to do a trick from a master. Well then, in order for me to do a magic trick from you, I have to do a trick from the master on my side!”

“…What? You want to do a trick from a magus as well? That’s surprising. Well, the master has to offer a certain amount of time or resources and the magician has to accept a certain amount of time or resources with the master. Well then, can you do a trick from the master?”

“Huh? Um… Yeah. Can you do it when the master is not there? That would be convenient right? Well, um…”

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“You cannot be more than a few minutes late. Your hands can not touch the table or the table can not move at all…”


“Well then, can I see your results from yesterday?”

“Uhm… Sure.”


Well, we finally have a plan to do a trick. All we have left to do is find a master or master and we shall do it. It’s time to show some of our magic to the world.

It was a cold morning. It was windy, so it was not easy to get to the studio. The only thing that made the studio easier was that we had magic to help us. So, let’s get the best magic we can use, shall we?

It started with a little rain. The studio was only a few inches above the ground, so the rain made the ground level and I was on the roof of the studio, facing the wind. After a while of running, I arrived in front of the door and looked out over the studio.

I was on the roof. There, I was looking at the street. The street was on the other side of the studio and I was looking as I

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