How do you levitate with pencils? – Cool Simple Magic Tricks

It’s easy and fun! Simply write a series of lines and lines of the same color on the white, or brown, paper and cut into the required pieces. Then take a pencil and draw a line around each of the cut lines, making sure each of the lines touch the bottom of a pencil holder. Once you’ve worked out a good number of them, make a long mark, and draw the same line around each of them. You can also use a piece of paper to help you and get the hang of it.

If you have a white pencil, simply use that and write a line on the white paper, then remove it. If your pencil is already red, then write the same color and then remove it. You will need enough red and black for the entire project.

I use red pencils and black and white paper for levitation exercises.

You can also use a red pencil and white paper (or any color combination that looks good together with pencils and paper) to help you along, using a line as a guide instead of drawing.

Start writing a series of numbers like this:

3 7 8 9

Then write another line and another line on the same paper. When you’re done, take a red pencil (or some other colored pencil) and cut off the last third of each line. Once that is done, take another red or black or brown pencil and continue it.
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Then take the next piece of paper, and use the red or black. Take off any of the ends and cut off the middle and the end of the lines. Take another pencil, and continue that drawing, cutting off each new piece of this drawing. The final result should be a long line of numbers with no breaks in sight (just like in the picture below).

After you have the entire series of drawings and numbers drawn, cut each line in the same fashion, but don’t cut through the line at all.

Then take a third pencil (again using the same color) and finish the whole thing off.

When you’ve completed this exercise, you should have a line that looks like the following:

3 7 8 9

Then draw a line on that same paper and use it to cut off any of the pieces of the numbers that are on it. Now you have the pieces that are your levitated pieces:

3 7 8 9

And you should have something that looks like this:

This project

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