How do you palm a coin? – Magic Tricks With Coins

First, you get your fingers around the numeral, place the coin firmly in the palm area and apply moderate pressure to it. Don’t get frustrated if the coin doesn’t open! That’s okay as long as it opens quickly and firmly.

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Next, you take a piece of paper (usually a pen or a piece of paper with your business cards) and lay it on top of the coin. Take your hand (if it’s your business card) or finger and place it over the paper to stop it rolling back on itself. This helps to prevent the paper from being rolled toward you. Hold that paper up to the coin and look through it. If it’s round, your coin hasn’t opened and your coin is “locked in.” If your coin is flat, congratulations, but you need to start looking again.

There’s also a chance that it’s stuck in the palm of your palm. If that happens, you might want to place a card in between the coin and the paper. Use a little force to twist the paper up, so that the paper can close over the coin and stop it spinning (unless the coin is very tall and a lot heavier then, then your coin might lift your hand out of the palm).

If the coin comes out fine, then your coin should have opened but not been “locked in.” It has probably popped out as it has been held in your palm and is starting to move around. If it doesn’t, then you might just be holding the coin incorrectly. Take it to a trained professional if you have some doubt.

Once the coin has opened, you can check your palm to see if the coin is loose or if the paper is folded properly. The coin must have been moved down into the palm of your hand and then pulled out completely. If you have a coin with a hole in the palm, the palm will fold up, leaving a hole in the coin. The coin could be in its normal position and the corner of your hand is still in contact with the coin.

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