How do you read minds? – Most Dangerous Magic Tricks On America’s Got Talent Gone Wrong

It’s much easier in virtual reality. “In the real world, we only have one eye and we can’t see more than seven points of a circle—which is really, really fast—so when you look at a video, a brain has to keep track of what you see, and that usually isn’t all of the same information,” the co-author of the study, Alex Koyfman, told Wired. “It’s a bit like taking photos of a person and knowing your hair, or where you’ve been going—when you look at the picture and it’s all the same thing, you can’t figure out if it’s your hair or someone else’s hair. When you put on the VR headset, it looks exactly how I imagined it would, and everything else doesn’t matter.”


Virtual reality also removes any barriers for reading the human mind. “To put it simply—and maybe that’s a big exaggeration, but in a VR environment, you have a real world that’s entirely your own creation, right underneath yourself,” researcher and Oculus Rift developer Peter Faidut told Fast Co.Design. “So, if you walk around and you’re trying to figure out what someone’s feeling or how to get a result from your algorithm, it’s just not possible.”

That’s not all, the technology also allows us to observe and learn at the same time by placing video game characters in real life situations. “It’s amazing what you can look at with this technology; you can look at a person and know what they’re thinking on a purely subconscious level, like if he’s feeling lonely or if he wants to give his girlfriend a massage or anything similar,” Koyfman told Fast Co.Design. “It’s not just looking at a person in a video game.

“There’re other applications [where] you could look at video games and look at someone’s character and see a specific behavior or emotion. You know if he wants to go to bed or if he wants to pick up the kid from school. You really have the ability to understand someone or see the behavior more than just the video game.”


Of course, VR is only a step on the road to achieving full self-readers and, in time, could even become more useful to the human mind than the human brain. “I think our research is just the beginning for this technology,” Koyfman said when asked about the future of virtual text. “As technology evolves, if

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