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In Magic: the Gathering you have to put the same amount of mana a card costs in your library. However, because the game only has a limited amount of mana in a game, if you put a spell into your library with a card number in it, you can only put a spell onto the stack with that card number in it. The same applies for cards you put into your graveyard, except the other way around. You cannot put a card into your graveyard that you haven’t played from the battlefield into the game.

Now you might ask yourself why it matters that you can’t put a card into a graveyard if you have played one from the battlefield. For one simple reason, if you do play a card from your graveyard from a graveyard, you do have to pay its mana cost before you can even think about putting it into your graveyard. As soon as you can put cards from your library into your graveyard (i.e., use the stack and do anything else that you normally will do), everything else changes very quickly. When you play spells from your graveyard, everything is fine.

But for spells you cast from the battlefield, things don’t change much at all. When you cast a spell that allows you to cast a spell that came into your library from your graveyard, your library is already full of whatever cards you cast from the battlefield. At that point, you do not have to pay the mana cost of that spell; if you already had the card, you just use it as normal, but the same is not true if you do not have a card with that same card number in your library. This is because there is no mana in your library and there never will be.

What are the rules for playing spells from a graveyard?

One of the important things to keep in mind when it comes to playing spells from the graveyard is that you only get to cast those spells if you somehow manage to do so after casting some other card, such as activating a Spell Pierces card, casting a mana spell, or resolving a spell on your side of the table. If you have already played the spell on your next step, you cannot play it here on that next step. As a result, when you’re playing spells from the graveyard, you’ll need to be a little more diligent with how you do that.

The key is knowing when to cast any spells from the graveyard and when you’re free to cast them. I’d like to start off with a simple example that can serve

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